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Our qualified and trained Social Work team delivers early intervention and intensive wraparound support service, working with individual service users and their families to identify their problems, set goals and connect them to the care or support which is available in the community through social or government agencies.

The support we provide through our community workers and Pasifika networks addresses environmental indicators that contribute to violence, abuse and neglect in family homes, and with the parents of children who are at risk of being removed by statutory intervention or have children in statutory care. This includes poverty, housing, education and health.

Our Team provide targeted and culturally appropriate medium to intensive social work support to children, young people and their families. This includes advocacy and advise strength-based action plan and plans to access support services to ensure the family is set up in a capacity to be sustainable and self-sufficient.


The overall aim is that children and their families are successfully linked into the support services needed and are monitored to ensure safety.


Social Work

Social Work: Services
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