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Hala Ora


The name Hala Ora loosely translates as the road to wellbeing and enrichment (spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and relational). Hala is Tongan and Ora is Cook Island’s Maori.

It is intentionally strengths based. Our approach intends to meet people where they are at and to walk alongside and support them in the direction they want to go in order to attain Ora.

Hala Ora will provide a comprehensive and flexible suite of options for people accessing our services according to the goals that they identify.


Our Approach

Hala Ora makes connections with Pasifika people who need us from the first point of contact. We believe this is the beginning of engagement. We believe building a trusting relationship from this first contact is important.

While we use the words assessment, we believe assessment is an intervention in and of itself. Those who use Hala Ora will be asked “how can we help you?”. 

We recognise that while our people come to us in distress, they also have a range of strengths that we will work with, reinforce and add to. A stepped care approach will be used to match the needs of clients with the skill and experience of our Team so that those presenting with moderate distress will be seen by the most appropriately qualified Team member.

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