Our Services

Fonua Ola provides social services within the Auckland region, mainly to the Pacific community. Services aim to strengthen vulnerable Pacific families at risk of poor life outcomes. We believe in re-empowering through a holistic and culturally appropriate process, as only then are you able to utilise your own resilience and gain control of your wellbeing and aspirations.

Cultural Social Work Support

Cultural Youth Work Support 

Family-Centred Counselling

Building Financial Capability

Family Harm Prevention

Weaving a Lei

Parenting Prog.


Ora Support

Our Approach
  • A collaborative, holistic service where we work with providers and groups to find innovative solutions for your well-being

  • A culturally appropriate service recognizing your language, customs and beliefs

  • A professional, quality service that supports you in your needs

  • A confidential, respectful, honest service that you can trust


We work together with Families to strengthen our Pacific communities


Our Experience
  • 70 years of community work

  • 30 years of budgeting work

  • 20 years of youth work

  • 30 years of social work

  • 30 years of counselling and family therapy

  • Lifetime of cultural knowledge and wisdom; Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands, Tuvalu

Fonua Ola is a Social Service "By Pacific with Pacific". We cater for the Auckland region covering the areas of South, West, Central and East Auckland.