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Building Financial Capability 

This service delivers one to one financial mentoring and Money Smart a peer-led group support for clients experiencing financial hardship, with the aim of enabling them to become more financially capable, gain control over their financial lives and make long-term change.

Mentoring supports and empowers customers to identify their aspirations, and develop a strength based financial plan.


Money Smart enables customers to talk about and de-stigmatise financial hardship while learning from others.



Our team of qualified and registered Counsellors provide a broad range of free counselling for adults, couples and families in English, Samoan and Tongan languages.

The counselling we offer includes up to 8 free sessions for personal counselling, relationship counselling, and anger management.

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Community Connection Services

Our team of qualified professionals provide a safe and family-centred service for the entire community.

It is delivered with consideration of cultural needs, and targeted goals and solution outcomes are identified for our people.


The aim is to ensure that persistent and complex needs are stabilized and addressed.

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Social Work

Our team are qualified and provide targeted and culturally appropriate medium to intensive social work support to children, young people and their families.

This includes advocacy and advice, strength-based action plan and plans to access support services with the aim of ensuring the family is set up in a capacity to be sustainable and self-sufficient.


The overall aim is that the children and their families are linked to all services they need and monitored to ensure safety.


Family Violence

  • Empowering families to live free of family violence

  • Supporting family well-being


Are you or a loved one experiencing family harm? We’re here to help.


Family harm can happen to anyone, and it can be overwhelming and frightening. You don’t have to face it alone.

Our experienced team of practitioners will provide confidential support, counselling, and resources to help you navigate these challenging times.


We offer:  Individual and family counselling - Safety planning and crisis intervention as well as support with family violence prevention practices in a culturally appropriate manner that includes the following:


• Strengthening cultural identity and Pacific values

• Supporting men, women and children

• Healthy relationships.

• Safe and strong families

• Responsibility and accountability.

• Supporting healing and connection.


Reach out today to start your journey towards safety and healing.


Hala Ora

We are a diverse Pasifika team committed to providing mental health and addictions support by way of counselling, social work, peer, and community support. We work from a client focused and strengths-based approach in talking therapies and social work.


Our peer and community workers walk alongside clients to grow their relationship via our “Niu Way to Wellbeing Programme” which teaches the importance of self-care and skills to maintain our mental wellbeing.

As part of the collective services of Fonua Ola and in collaboration with other community services we are proud and privileged to work alongside our Pasifika families on their journey to wellbeing.”


Whanau Ora

Through our partnership with Pasifika  Futures, we apply a family centred approach that recognizes the best solutions to family challenges come from Pacific families themselves.


Through this programme, Pacific families are supported to achieve their aspirations in education, training, economic development, health, participation in the community, developing cultural capital, strengthening identity and family development.


Our expertise in this field is in the area of supporting Pacific families to achieve Financial Freedom by managing finances, reducing debt and assisting with savings.


Parenting Programmes

“Fonua Ola Parenting Programme” is a holistic parenting programme developed to meet the needs of Pasifika parents raising their children in New Zealand. We recognise that parenting can be really challenging and many of our children experience their parents through their parent’s anger and conflict, so these aspects of parenting are included in the programme.


The 7 weeks/14 session programme follow themes related to the building of a safe, caring, loving Fale for our children and cover topics which include our parenting journey, communication, learning about our emotions and how to manage these, parenting through separation, family harm, normal child behaviours at different development stages and parenting skills, and self-care and couple care.

The programme is currently being provided online during the school terms on Wednesdays 6pm-8.30pm and Thursdays 10am-12.30pm.


Youth Support

The young people we work with are encouraged to plan and implement short, medium and long term goals and engage in positive community activities and education offered in their community.


We also work with at risk youth to develop safety plans for suicide prevention. Despite many of our Pasifika young people being born in NZ, they have Island-born parents so navigating these complexities and intergenerational differences is well understood by our youth workers who are able to help our young people to strengthen those family and cultural connections.


The strength of the Pasifika community is in the social network of family and community often but not always reinforced by strong church affiliations. Fonua Ola connects to this network through language and a deep understanding of cultural protocols and practices that empathises and focuses on building on strengths and capabilities.

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