Our Services

Fonua Ola provides social services within the Auckland region, mainly to the Pacific community. Services aim to strengthen vulnerable Pacific families at risk of poor life outcomes. We believe in re-empowering through a holistic and culturally appropriate process, as only then are you able to utilise your own resilience and gain control of your wellbeing and aspirations.

Our Approach
  • A collaborative, holistic service where we work with providers and groups to find innovative solutions for your well-being

  • A culturally appropriate service recognizing your language, customs and beliefs

  • A professional, quality service that supports you in your needs

  • A confidential, respectful, honest service that you can trust


We work together with Families to strengthen our Pacific communities


Our Experience
  • 70 years of community work

  • 30 years of budgeting work

  • 20 years of youth work

  • 30 years of social work

  • 30 years of counselling and family therapy

  • Lifetime of cultural knowledge and wisdom; Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands, Tuvalu

Fonua Ola is a Social Service "By Pacific with Pacific". We cater for the Auckland region covering the areas of South, West, Central and East Auckland.
Cultural Social Work Support

Our Team are qualified and provide targeted and culturally appropriate medium to intensive social work support to children, young people and their families. This includes advocacy and advise strength-based action plan and plans to access support services to ensure the family is set up in a capacity to be sustainable and self-sufficient. The overall aim is that children and their families are linked to all services they need and monitored to ensure safety.


Cultural Youth Work Support 

Our Youth  Workers are qualified and provide a culturally and age-appropriate targeted wraparound support to building resilience in mentoring Pacific youth. This includes assessment and goal setting, weekly one to one mentoring and group activities. The aim is to help develop problem-solving abilities and personal skills. Engage young people in positive actions, raise self-esteem or develop life skills to minimise the risk of statutory involvement among youth who may be at risk of offending, having poor life outcomes, or substance abuse.


We do the following;

  1. Encourage youth to engage in positive community activities and education

  2. Plan and implement short term, medium-term and long term goals

  3. Provide cultural mentoring that support and encourage youth to connect with their cultural heritage and identity.  


Family-Centred Counselling

Our team of qualified and registered Counsellors provide a safe and family-centred service for children, young people and their families who have a high level of needs, neglect and pressing social issues. It is delivered with consideration of cultural needs, and targeted goals and solution outcomes are identified for each family at the beginning. The aim is to ensure that persistent and complex needs are stabilized and addressed.


Types of supports include;

  1. Psycho-education parent counselling,

  2. Trauma and post-trauma counselling for survivors of physical and emotional abuse,

  3. Anger management in family situations   

We offer Counselling in homes at the request of families/ individuals, using Pacific languages, and cultural competencies and frameworks. 

Building Financial Capability (BFC and BFC plus)

This service replaces what was called Budgeting previously. It delivers One to One Financial Mentoring and MoneyMates peer-led group support. For customers who are experiencing financial hardship, to enable them to become more financially capable, gain control over their economic lives and make long-term change. Mentoring supports and empowers customers to identify their aspirations and develop a strength-based financial plan. MoneyMates enables customers to talk about and de-stigmatize financial hardship while learning from others.  


​Family Harm Intervention

A provision of a  service to families referred by Police from the multi-agency Safety Assessment Meeting in Counties Manukau as a result of a family harm/violence incident. Our Team engage in a face to face visit and complete an assessment of need and link family to appropriate support/s and provide timely feedback to Police or the Safety Assessment  Meeting.

Weaving a "Lei" for Your Child Group Parenting Programme

This is targeted for parents, and the focus is on parenting styles, anger management, violence awareness and prevention, life journeys and parent/child relationships. The aim is to support parents who are struggling and through the programme improve their parenting skills, knowledge, nurture and bond with their children for the betterment of the family to ensure that their children will be nurtured in a safe environment.

Whanau Ora Support 

Through our partnership with Pasifika  Futures, we apply a family centred approach that recognizes the best solutions to family challenges come from Pacific families themselves. Through this programme, Pacific families are supported to achieve their aspirations in education, training, economic development, health, participation in the community, developing cultural capital, strengthening identity and family development. Our expertise in this field is in the area of supporting Pacific families to achieve Financial Freedom by managing finances, reducing debt and assisting with savings.