Community Team 


Meet our Community Team who assist families to achieve their aspirations through holistic family support services. 

Lupe Amoa
Family Support Worker

Lupe is a Samoan and has twelve years of experience working as a Family Support Worker and Budget Advisor. Lupe's main role is to support the key workers in their functions as Social Workers, Youth Workers and Counsellors. She brings her Samoan cultural knowledge and language to her role which has enhanced our services to the community. We use the phrase “E fofo ele alamea le alamea”. This saying is often used as a “self help” phrase, or to encourage people to find solutions to their problems within their own culture and communities. She is an expert at delivering budgeting workshops and has helped to develop Fonua Ola’s budgeting services. Joining Fonua Ola in October 2013, Lupe previously worked at Pasifika Mana Social Work Trust. In 1997, Lupe was the Secretary for the South Auckland Income Planning Group whereby she worked closely with budgeting services that were a part of the NZ Federation of Family Budgeting Services. Prior to immigrating to New Zealand, Lupe was a Police Constable for the Samoan Police and Prisons Department for many years.

Saaga Malua
Community Support Worker, Tuvalu West Auckland,  BAEd, Postgrad Dip.


Sagaa is Tuvaluan and has committed more than 30 years of her life to the Tuvaluan Community. She is a teacher by profession and has just completed Postgraduate Diploma in Anthropology from the University of Auckland where she also worked for three years on the Transnational Pacific Health Project. Sagaa has and currently sits on various Pacific advisory groups including the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs Advisory Council, Ministry of Education Northern Region Pacific Advisory Group as well as the Health Promotion Forum Pacific Reference Group member.Sagaa has also dedicated her time to initiatives such as “Achieving through Pacific Languages, Tuvalu language course”, facilitated the Tuvaluan Fatoaga playgroup in West Auckland, and does interpreting and translation work in the Tuvalu/ English language. Sagaa is also the Secretary for the Tuvalu Auckland Community Trust based in West Auckland.