Budgeting Team 


Meet our Budgeting Team who assist families with one-on-one budgeting, who advocate with government agencies, creditors, finance companies and banks, support individuals and families to gain control of their finances and provide budgeting education.

Brenda Simmons
Budget Advisor

Brenda has a wealth of community knowledge and financial skills, having previously managed O Le Lafitaga Trust for over nine years. She is an accredited Budget Advisor of the NZ Federation of Family Budgeting services, and has experience in project coordination, budget advising and management of a bread-run service. Brenda has also worked for finance and insurance companies. She has provided other social services to the community in Mt Roskill and has worked on several community focused boards, such as Roskill Union Community Health, Strengthening Families in Auckland and the Electricity and Gas Commission. Brenda is a strong advocate for her local community for better housing, better pay and fair treatment.

Rakanui Tangi
Budget Advisor